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Literature, Philosophy, History, Politics, the Arts

How do I start?

Start Text & Traditions or another Ampersand program in your first semester

You can begin your work in the humanities in the first semester at WashU. (You can start later as well, but why wait?) Contact the IPH office for more information about spring offerings. T&T leads soothly into IPH, but if you’re in an Ampersand Program in the Humanities, that can satisfy several prerequisites for an IPH major.

Join Text & Traditions in the second or third semester

If you want to wait until your second or third semester, you're welcome to join T&T then -- and that can lead to an IPH major. Some students who simply want an interdisciplinary minor in the Humanities start T&T later -- but to do IPH, it's best to start before the end of your sophomore year. (Contact the IPH office and ask about T&T offerings for the next semester or two.)

Explore more pathways below

Whether you're a pre-med student looking for a humanities minor or thinking about becoming a humanities professor, we have paths for you. Text & Traditions provides a coherent minor; IPH provides a major for the ambitious interdisciplinary humanist. Activists welcome.

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Students who wish they had heard about IPH/T&T earlier


Pre-Health students interested in a major in the humanities

First- (and second-) year humanities students deciding on a major

Pre-Health students interested in a minor in the humanities

Committed interdisciplinary humanists

Want to learn more?

Contact the IPH Director