Career Paths

What our alumni are doing now

Software Engineer at Google

After completing a senior thesis titled, "Consequences Unintended: How Empathetic Virtual Reality Reshapes Personal Identity," Jin Seok Park found a job at Google. "IPH has given me the freedom to explore various areas that I found interesting (film studies, philosophy, computer science, etc). IPH also provided me with many resources (classes, connections with professors) that allowed me to pursue my intellectual interests to the fullest extent. These wide-ranging experiences exposed me to a way of thinking that I would not have been able to acquire in any other major and I have been able to apply some of that to my senior thesis, where I place modern technology in the hands of philosophy."

Public Policy Wonk

After a thesis on classical philosophy, Natalie Runkle became the internship coordinator at a prominent D.C. think tank. "IPH has taught me how to think, both as a scholar of the humanities and as an intellectually curious human being. It has dared me to try things I never would have thought possible when I started college, from enjoying a six-hour essay exam, to reading the Gospel of John in Ancient Greek, to writing an eighty-page thesis on an early Christian philosopher. By expecting excellent and innovative work, IPH allows its students to test the limits of their intellectual and creative abilities, but more significantly, it teaches its students the importance of sharing ideas with an intellectual community."


Art Historian

Research into 16th-century enameled caskets at WashU led Joyce Zhou to graduate study in art history at Bard Graduate Center in NYC. "Without the IPH program, I would not have had such a strong background knowledge in Renaissance literature and history. I believe the courses I took for the IPH requirement crucially aided my study of my primary discipline of art history."

Alumni Premiers Documentary

Ben Goodfriend, '20, premiered his documentary "Ninja Turtle Backpack Guy" on April 25th. The film was the first produced by La Minga Productions, a joint project between Ben and classmate Isabelle Roig.

Ninja Turtle Backpack Guy

Documentary by La Minga Productions