Student Research

Interdisciplinary research projects that lead to amazing careers.

Our students pursue interdisciplinary research projects in art history, film studies, digital humanities, and pretty much anything else they can imagine.

Studying the humanities in this way, students develop flexible modes of critical thinking that allow them to pursue an incredible range of careers after their time at WashU. From software engineers to policy analysts, our alumni are doing amazing things. Check out a few outcomes from the past few years alone below. 

Projects & Outcomes

Jin Seok Park (2017)

Consequences Unintended: How Empathetic Virtual Reality Reshapes Personal Identity

Currently: Software Engineer at Google Korea

Natalie Runkle (2017)

Origen For or Against Plato? An Analysis of Origen of Alexandria’s Engagement with Non-Christian Philosophy

Currently: Internship Program Coordinator for the American Enterprise Institute

Joyce Zhou (2017)

Unboxing the Casket: A History of the Sixteenth-Century Limoges Enameled Casket in St. Louis

Currently: Pursuing graduate study in art history at Bard Graduate Center


Oya Atkas (2016)

Beauty Pageants and Soap Operas: How Cultural Actors Have Mobilized Images of Women to Align Turkish Identity Alternatively with Secular and Ottoman Values

Currently: Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Riva Desai (2016)

The Politics of Restaging under Authoritarianism: Spanish Golden Age Drama in Chile During the Pinochet Regime, 1973-1990

Currently: Medical student at Georgetown University

Cassie Klosterman (2016)

The Jester and the King: Understanding the Role of the Nabokovian Textual Commentator

Currently: Atlantic Media Business Fellow at National Journal in Washington, D.C.

Samantha Rogers (2015)

David, Josiah, and Henry VIII: Politics of Reformation Kingship in the Image of the Old Testament

Currently: Pursuing a PhD in History at Vanderbilt University