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Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities

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The Spenser Lab

Interdisciplinary Project In The Humanities 498W - Spring 2021

A practical course in literary study. Students in the Spenser Lab will engage in the same sort of literary-critical and literary-historical study as students in E Lit 498, the "regular" Spenser course, but they will also meet separately and their written work will be different, for students in the lab will assist inpreparing a major print and digital edition of the Collected Works of Edmund Spenser, editing commentary, drafting notes and introductions. Students in the lab will learn about early printing and about the theory and practice of editing; they will have substantial exposure to many aspects of digital humanities, and they will gain experience in collaborative scholarship. Satisfies the Early Modern requirement and can serve as an elective in the DASH minor.
Course Attributes: EN HAS HUMAS WI IEL EM

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The Spenser Lab
INSTRUCTOR: Loewenstein
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