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Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities

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Histories of Intelligence: Topics in Science and Society

Interdisciplinary Project In The Humanities 3451 - Spring 2021

The use of data, computing, and quantitative methods have become central to politics, economics, and daily life. This course uses the concept of "intelligence" to survey the history of technoscientific efforts to understand and represent the intersections of minds, machines, and society. The course title has a deliberate double meaning; it is about both the people who seek to study and measure humans and their knowledge capacities, and the knowledge or information that are increasingly collected, measured, and automated by machines. Organized topically and chronologically, this discussion-based seminar will examine the changing meanings and significance of intelligence, their impact on politics and social organization, and the questions raised about the relationship between specific technologies and specific models of human reasoning. We will consider these questions from diverse perspectives including race, gender, class, ability, and materiality from the 19th century to the present. Topics covered include histories of artificial intelligence, racial dynamics, meritocracy, informational labor, state secrecy, and the self as data.
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Histories of Intelligence: Topics in Science and Society
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