About the Program

The Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities is a rigorous, interdisciplinary program for students seeking honors. The major combines

  • an introductory core — a concentrated study of texts central to the European and American philosophical, religious, and literary traditions and
  • an area of concentration — an advanced sequence of courses and research tailored to the special interests of each student in the program.

For students pursuing concentrations in American intellectual history, in the European avant-garde in the twentieth century, or in Renaissance political thought (to take three among many possible examples), the introductory core will provide a crucial foundation for advanced interdisciplinary work; the core will also provide a useful background for students undertaking comparative concentrations — for example, in Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim mystical literature, or in the influence of Russian fiction in East Asia.

"He was a wonderful teacher, learned, droll, and warm; there was a kind of dignified hospitality to everything he did... he brought out the best in his students and he loved to talk about their growth and achievements. He got as good as he gave."

―Joe Loewenstein Director, IPH
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Recordings of the Humanities Lecture Series Now Online

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Liberty of Conscience as a Tool of Empire: England and Its Restoration Colonies, 1660-1689

Duncker Hall, Hurst Lounge (Room 201)

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'Reading as if for life’: Dickens, The Dickensian, and the Common Reader

Busch 100

A lecture by Miriam Bailin, 2020 Junior Comp Examiner

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